Living in Prague, Czech Republic

Living in Prague, Czech Republic

I arrived to Prague 8 months ago. I hadn’t had the time to write how have been my experience here. So, this is part of the story.

Let’s start. I’m a Venezuelan. I studied Software Engineering at Puerto Ordaz. And some years ago I always said (to my family) I would travel to another country. So, the day arrived on October 16th 2013. This has been my first trip abroad and almost everyone (Czechs) ask to me: Why did you choose Czech Republic? So, I answer I didn’t choose it, the country choose me because I just wanted to come to Europe.  Here I found the opportunity (through AIESEC) I wanted and I can’t regret about it until now.

At the beginning, there was some huge differences like living style and language (Czech, in process to learn it). It’s kind of difficult to arrive to one city you can’t read any information, but thanks god, someone was waiting for me at the airport, and she could speak spanish as well ( 😀 ). And that’s the way the path started, but I’ll talk in details about all the aspects I’ve been watching in Czech Republic.


Although the Czechs says they’re not so friendly or open. I would say I’ve been lucky because when I have had the need to ask for help people have been good. And I’ve been sharing with people who has common mindsets with me like AIESECers and Entrepreneurs. So, this makes easier the conversations and it has been going well besides the language barrier in some contexts.


The Czech language. It’s the official language and almost all the people older than 50 don’t speak English so it’s difficult to communicate in local stores. But, I’m giving baby steps in the learning process of the language and everyone say: “It’s difficult”.

This kind of comments just bring to my mind when you arrive to High School and someone tells: “Math, Physics and Chemistry are difficult” or when you arrive to the University: “This is hard”. So, I don’t believe it’s difficult, it depends on the interest we could have to overpass the obstacles. Of course, the language has a lot of rules but I keep my hope I’ll learn it.

Living Style

This comes with the question: Why did you choose Czech Republic? because Czech people knows that, maybe, it’s not the most developed country in Europe but I’d say their country is really good. They could be surprise when I mention the following facts (things are normal for them).

  • It’s just wonderful to walk during the night (Midnight, or from 1 AM – 5 AM) and nothing (bad) will happen. Even women walking alone during the night. (I’ll ask to them to walk during the night in Venezuela.)
  • Drink tube water.
  • Have a public transportation system working during the night.
  • Almost all young people can speak English (at least in Prague).

Entertainment / Networking

Everyday there are something to do in Prague. From networking events to parties. So, this is a really nice city although it’s not a huge one. It’s still a great Capital in Europe.


Prague offers a big variety of places to go for sight seeing. I’ll never be boring to go to:

  • Charles Bridge.
  • Prague Castle
  • Petřín Tower Complex.
  • Riegrovy Sady.
  • Vyšehrad

So, this has been part of my experience in Prague, Czech Republic. I hope I’ll be able to write in details about places and experiences in the next articles. Any comments you can do it below or write it on Twitter: @rmmonagas.

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