Speech # 1: Connecting the dots

Life is a game. At the beginning, you are assigned a random character and circumstances. Later, you gain the power to start defining where to go and for what you are willing to thrive. 

I’ll let you know my story…

Hello, my name is Ricardo Monagas and I was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. I am an Entrepreneur, Android Developer and Blogger. Since 2 years ago, I am living in Prague, Czech Republic.


[As a curious fact, most of the Czech people ask to me: “why did you arrive to this country?” So I usually answer because the city chose me and not in the opposite way. And I don’t regret about it :D]


Beside my current reality, I would like to start this post from the past to the present, to be able to arrive where I’m currently standing and understand the consequences of every experience.

I will structure the next paragraphs like a list of stories and their outputs:


  • During my childhood, I dreamt about living in London. I don’t know why.

Maybe I was thinking about these funny hats of the queen guards and working as one of them in the future. Although, I was a fan of the England Soccer Team or just for kids stuff.

Output: It gave me the vision about what I wanted. To live in a different culture and experience it.


  • At high school, I took programming lessons because the Computer Science Teacher was studying Software Engineering and he wanted his students learn it too. This was kind of destiny, luck, or coarse. 😀

Output: It defined the industry I am currently working.

[During that time, I didn’t know neither sum up two numbers in Basic (Programming Language).]


  • When I finished my high school, I decided to do something related with computers.

… I didn’t really know the WHY, but I applied to enter the Electronics and Software Engineering Schools. And I got selected in Software Engineering.

Output: I learned the basis to be working at the Software Development Industry from the 6th Semester and it allowed me to gain experience for more than 5 years now.


  • During my degree studies, I always complained because the university promote projects without any purpose or meaning.

Output: I’ve never been a conformist and I didn’t want to make projects without a meaning. And today, I keep the same philosophy.


  • During my work time, I observed how the company was made, the advantages of having a company and the problems they were facing.

Output: I saw what I could do or replicate watching how other people were establishing a company.


  • After that, I decided to quit that job and work in another company part-time and establish my dream, a company called Uppersky. I wanted to help local companies on the development of their websites.

During that process, I learned the basis of sales, how to improve my communication skills a little bit and keep programming at the same time.

Output: I challenged myself to learn of other fields because of the dream to build my own company.


  • Meantime, I joined to AIESEC (A Global Student Organization) as well, to network with people coming from different backgrounds.

Be part of AIESEC allowed me to learn about teamwork & leadership, met people of other countries and explored their cultures. This situation reminded me of my dream of living in London, but it expanded to live at any european city.

Then, after my graduation in October 2012, I decided to work one year and apply for an AIESEC Internship, and through my part-time job, my company and my parent’s help saved the money to live abroad during the first months.

It took me some months to be able to got selected in: Prague, Czech Republic.

Output: I learned to set a goal with a specific time and work to achieve it.]


  • At October 16th. 2013, I took a plane to Frankfurt and when I arrived to the airport, it was my first time abroad and I started to speak English in daily basis.

When I arrived to Prague, I shocked with the metro stairways angle and scared in my first apartment since someone when to the rooftop and tried to enter to the building, happily nothing happened.

Besides that bad experience, everything else have been going great, I’ve been learning too much, reading books about business, personal growth and marketing. In parallel, I’ve got more experience developing mobile apps and developing my own dream company.

Till May 2015, when finally I decided took the courage to dedicate all the time to my dream and apply for a trade license to operate as a contractor in the Czech Republic.

This has allowed me to look for customers and work on different projects, making it more fun and finally dedicate more time to build my own dreams.

And here I am in my present, I keep pushing to work on my own terms building software, learning how to improve my public speaking skills and hopefully I will continue writing this story.


In conclusion, as you can see most of the times, every circumstance have given me an output to go in a better shape for the next step, then my final message and reflection for all of us is to remember:


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Steve Jobs


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