Speech # 3: How to have a productive morning?

We usually think we don’t have enough time to finish all of our daily activities, although there are ways to improve that situation and being more productive.

First of all, we must be clear about why we want to be productive? From my perspective, it’s because all of us want to spend more quality time with our family and friends. And second, we must be clear we cannot do all our responsibilities in a short time, and that’s the reason why we need to prioritize.

Today, I will share some smalls steps that you could take to achieve more in your daily basis. These are small details that you can apply to make the first two hours of your morning really productive. These advices are coming from one of my online mentors: Dale Partridge.

He is an entrepreneur from United States who has founded companies like Sevenly & Startupcamp. Also, he has written an interesting book called People Over Profit.

Let’s start the steps:

  • 10 minutes of critical preparation before bed: All of us has struggled defining the to do lists of our activities, although I have good news for you, you can make them easier and you just need 10 minutes.

First of all, you can take a small paper, add tomorrow’s date and write down between 5 – 10 tasks you need to do (including the ones you didn’t finish the current day). Then, you must add a number besides every task to define priorities (# 1 is the most critical and so forth). After this, just sleeping, no TV and no phone.

  • 10 minutes of stretch or exercise: From the moment you wake up, it’s game time. So, you must get up and make 10 minutes of stretches or exercise to start your day.

If you have a family try to wake up, 2 hours before they do it.

  • Reward yourself with food: My mentor says his # 1 task is a beast. It’s the task he really doesn’t want to do. But he does it because he won’t have breakfast till it’s done. This can sound drastic but it give you the motivation and courage to tackle the task and start your day with a great satisfaction.
  • Make a quick, healthy food: When productivity is the goal, you cannot be spending 30 mins for breakfast. I personally drink lemon juice and eat fruits every morning while I am focusing on my next task.
  • Power window of quiet, focused time: Spend the remaining 30 – 60 minutes of your morning in a place you can focus and go for the second and third task without interruptions (your phone can go to airplane mode). Then, you can take your first 30 minute break.

It’s confirmed that the human brain can focus in one task max. 90 minutes, so one recommended schema is to focus 60 minutes and rest 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you must have a stop working time. For example: My mentor stops at 6 pm even if he has important tasks without finishing them.

I hope these steps are useful for you and you can start to apply them soon.

Let’s remember how you will be more productive and the way you can tell to your friends as well, every night you must write down your next day tasks, wake up the next day with a great stretch session, kickstart your day with the first item in your list, have a quick healthy food and have break times during all your journey. These previous steps will help you to make your days better.

Dale Partridge says, productivity without healthy relationships is nothing. Success at work without a strong home life is nothing. Let your time be used for great things, but never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

I believe on this and work to apply it, I hope you will do it too and start today.

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