Speech # 2: The book we should all read

“The unexamined life is not worth living”


Since my arrival to Prague, 2 years ago, I’ve been reading more than 30 books. These have given me a new perspective of my personal and professional life. Although it’s kind of difficult to apply all the concepts predicated on each of these books, it requires a lot of discipline.

Among these books, the one I will be mentioning should be read for all the humanity and maybe we would be in a better shape as a society. Currently, the book predicate the following “secrets” and I try to apply each of them on my daily basis:


Be True to Yourself

You have listened to this before in other words, “you have to follow your heart”, “you have to know who you are and why you are here” and “you have to know what matters to you”.

People who has lived well continually asked themselves whether the life they were living is what they wanted to live and following their heart toward the answer.

Ask yourself if your life go in the right direction and make constant adjustments to move closer to the life you desire to live.


Leave No Regrets

What we really fear is not having lived the life to the fullest extent possible, to arrive at the end of our life and our final words are “I wish I had”.

Most of the people doesn’t regret about taking risks and failing. We usually regret about don’t taking risks enough. We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee failure merely by choosing not to try at all.

A life of no regrets means risking more. There is a story of a woman called Margaret, she told the author she tried to live her life from the perspective of an old woman sitting in a rocking chair on the porch. She asked herself: “When I am an old woman sitting in my rocking chair thinking about my life, what decision will I wish I had made?”.


Become Love

When we are in our last moments, love is the only stuff we will care about. A person who is dying doesn’t take as important the possessions he had owned. Instead, he wants to be surrounded of the memories of his special moments – weddings, birthdays, family trips and times with friends.

To live a happy and purposeful life you must choose to be a loving person. We can live this secret in three ways. First, to love ourselves. Second, we choose to act with love to those closest to us (family and friends). And finally we must choose to become love in all our interactions.


Live the Moment

If we feel our lives go so fast, then one of the secrets to get more out of the time we have is to find a way that each moment and each day become great gifts. It means that we must not focus on the past or the future but experience each moment with gratitude and purpose.

Wise people see each day as a great gift.

There is a story of a man in his sixties. He is called Max, and he usually walk with his dog. When someone ask him: “How are you?”, he answers “I am here!” with a great enthusiasm. This phrase really means “I am grateful to be alive and I recognize what a tremendous gift it is”.


Give More than You Take

(Elderly) Wise people say what really matters in their lives is what they left behind, that something was different after they were here.

One of the reasons that giving more than we take is one of the secrets to happiness and purpose is because we have a great deal of control over what we give (but almost none over what we get).

Each day we have the power to give without limit. We can choose kindness, to serve, to love, to be generous, and to leave the world better in some way.


I hope you enjoyed the “secrets” I just shared to you. To close the mystery, the book is called “the five secrets you must discover before you die” and it was made through 235 interviews to people ranged in age from 59 – 105. They shared their experiences and the author got the common factors that determined their wisdom.

The book contains activities to do after every chapter that give you more possibilities to improve yourself.

Let’s try to remember these facts on your daily journey and hopefully we will live an awesome life. Remember,


We do not have to wait until we are old to become wise.

Dr. John Izzo

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