Interview with Petr Stedry [UX Designer & Co-Founder UX Akademie]

Petr is an UX Designer who has been working on different Startups and Corporations. He is giving us insights about User Experience Methodologies, knowledge for a person who wants to start in the User Experience Area, his experience with his own business and other interesting topics.
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Valuable Lessons from 5 Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Startups

During 2014, I made interviews to different women entrepreneurs in Prague, Czech Republic and Caracas, Venezuela. All of their projects are in different stages and circumstances, but some of the common points among them are: The courage of their founders, their purposeful vision and great enthusiasm to build initiatives which can contribute to solve problems.
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Interview with Romina Kohei [Co-founder of GliderPath]

Romina Kohei is an woman who has been working in Project Management and Coaching. She has founded Cool Project Management, and some months ago decided to start a searching for a new business idea through a process called “Idea Extraction” and thanks to this and her effort has built GliderPath with a business partner.
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