Interview with Melanie Akerboom [Founder of]

Melanie is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and she has built a platform called Whatamission.

On the platform, you can find interesting interviews to startup founders in Berlin and other cities of the world. Furthermore, you can visit their online directory to know about all the organizations which can help you in your journey.

Important Information from the Interview:

  • If you want to get more information about the Berlin Social Entrepreneurship Scene, you can go to Social Impact Lab.
  • When you are building your project, you must be flexible because everything is evolving while the time is running.
  • Melanie interviewed to Renata Hori about her project called Knot during one of the latest interviews. Knot is creating sustainable fashion accessories and it’s connecting Brazil products with the international market. You can read the interview.
  • She defined success as the state of feeling happy with herself.
  • Melanie is looking for people who can contribute with Whatamission and you can look for her contacts below.

Whatamission in the Social Networks:

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