Interview with Herwig Springer [CEO of i5Invest]

Herwig Springer is the CEO of i5Invest, he works on this company approx. 1 year ago and shares his knowledge about startups: mentoring, internationalization, scaling and strategic business development.

During the first part of the interview, he talked about his Business Administration background and how he arrived to work on i5Invest. Later on, he went to his insights for new entrepreneurs who can be looking for funding and his best advices for you.


Some of the points we talked are:

  • The way an entrepreneur should approach to the process of going from idea to product and the first steps.
  • The main characteristics i5Invest are looking for to invest in an startup.
  • The 3 most important lessons learned during his entrepreneurial experiences.
  • His definition of Success.


You can follow to i5Invest at the Social Networks: Facebook & LinkedIn. Furthermore, talk with Herwig Springer at LinkedIn too. Enjoy of the great insights given by him and please comment below or talk to me at Twitter.

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