Interview with Anna Yukiko Bickenbach [Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Brand Officer at Ecotastic]

Anna Yukiko Bickenbach is a Woman Entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. She has co-founded an startup which created a mobile app called Ecotastic. Anna’s roles is related to Sales, marketing and expertise in Environmental Management.

The app is a reward system where people who make environmentally-friendly actions in their daily life can receive sustainable gift certificates. Ecotastic is simple to use and generate communication among the people who use it, creating a community who is motivated to help the environment.

This is the First Startup of Anna and she is sharing her experiences, lessons learned and the Team Motivation to create a solution which encourages a better behavior to help our environment. She is also defining her concept of success and the people who inspire her to look forward and keep going in the business path.

You can download the app at the Android Play and follow all the information of the startup in Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, Anna is active at Twitter and you can follow her.

Ecotastic rewards you to be environmentally-friendly. We want citizens being active on this and be part of a community. Anna Y. Bickenbach. Click to Tweet.


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