5 advices for Future Entrepreneurs

Quote at The Impact Hub Prague

Based on my own experience, I would like to mention some of the ideas you should develop to start your own businesses.

  1. Have a Purpose:  You could align your life purposes with the startup you’re going to develop. This will make you to increase your passion and execute the idea easier although you find obstacles during the road.
  2. Have a Business Model: Don’t make the mistake to start a project without knowing your potential customers or doing any market validation. I’d recommend to read  Talk more, Do Less by Francis Dierick.
  3. Start today: There is no perfect timing. If you are young, you don’t have too much to lose. And if you are adult and have a lot of responsibilities, don’t let them define your path and try to develop your ideas during your spare time.
  4. Make your academic projects a real business: Yes, as you’re reading. Take the initiative and motivate your classmates and teachers to convert the university projects on real businesses. The formal education should cut the distance between the entrepreneurship and the academia.
  5. Networking: Go to conferences, meetups, parties or any meeting where you can find entrepreneurs. Looking for possible partners, customers and inspiration from other people.

These are small advices I’ve been following during my short experience and I’d be great if they useful for you. You can comment below if you have any other recommendations to start your projects you can write to me at @rmmonagas.

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