Venezuela: Heaven or Hell

Orinoco River

Since I’ve been living abroad, every person has made a question: How is the lifestyle and current situation in Venezuela?. So, it comes to my mind what kind of tricky question. I’ve been trying to talk about the positives things (yes, if you are Venezuelan, you would say landscapes, food, people & culture). But you cannot hide the reality and although we have really nice things like mentions above. Do we really enjoy of these? If we have lack of safety, food, and basic stuffs. My answer is NO.

Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world and have huge problems caused by corruption. Yes, like you’re reading. Our country has been managed more than 15 years for the same people (and yes, this is not normal). It’s not good that a complete generation of Venezuelans just knows one government during their life, like myself.

I’d like to write the stuffs (that are basics needs) people are lacking in the country, and this is NOT normal:

  • Safety: We have lost the possibility to walk calmly and enjoy this simple activity because some thief can appear any time.
  • Basic products: Milk, Coffee, Butter, Toilet paper are just some of the basic products people cannot find at the market or they have to be in a big row to get limited number of them (when there is availability).
  • Basic Services: It’s common there are electricity and water outages in almost all of the cities.
  • Human Rights: Hundreds of people has been sent to the jail because of the pacific protests against the government.
  • Private Companies: The only income stream of the country is oil. The government has applied bad policies for private companies so it means our economy just depends from the oil = the government.


All of the problems mentioned above has been getting worse during more than 15 years, so the only solution is a complete change of government. People who manages the country are just thieves. Forget about ideologies, their only objective is to have their bank accounts full of money. I’d suggest some actions to get support and inform the world about the current situation:

  • Start an International Campaign about the problems: Keep a hashtag like #SOSVenezuela to inform people around the world about the problems and the people who cause them.
  • Request International Organizations go from “concern” to actions: It’s not possible that our world which have a lot of International Organizations, just express their “concern” when they don’t really apply any actions against corruption and human rights violations. So, we should activate links between these and the citizens through online and offline actions.


This is just my opinion about what is the current situation at the country. I’d say the country is closer to a hell because if the individual interests are over the society interests, it doesn’t matter all the wealth (Landscapes and natural resources) we can have like a country. The solution is pragmatism. We have to change the course of the history and have common vision called progress, it’s the moment to show if we human potential as well.