Latin American Evening in Prague

3rd Latin American Evening in Prague

On November 6th, the University of Economics (VŠE) in Prague hosted one interesting event related to the promotion of the latin countries. It showed different aspects like nature, business opportunities, gastronomy and dancing of the participant countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, México, Perú and Venezuela). Every country had something special to show and I could mention facts I could consider interesting of some of the participants.


The Brazilian stand was showing us information about artists and the attractiveness of Brazil. During the presentation they performed Samba.


They had a good stand while enjoying of the Colombian Coffee and Rum. Furthermore, promoting the country as a nice touristic place and all the business opportunities they could offer to the people. The cultural presentation was good as well.


The peruvian representation was good while showing information about the country as an attractive touristic place and really good business place. They offered a taste of their great gastronomy as well. The cultural performance was made by Vlado Urlich a Carlo Zegarra playing a peruvian instrument called Peruvian Cajon.


They showed a great cultural act, drinks (Tequila and Corona Beers) and  tasting some of the famous traditional food through a well recognised restaurant in Prague.

Mexico Performance


The Venezuelan representation had a lack of information during the presentation but I would say the cultural performance was good, showing some of the traditional dances of the country like Tambores de Barlovento. Furthermore, they invited to the attendees to taste Venezuelan Rum (Santa Teresa) and receive some posters of the country.

Furthermore, I present some slides I made for the company I currently work in Prague, Czech Republic.

Well, this is my summary of this event which I could consider really good for the promotion and integration among the societies. It was the third edition and congratulations to the organisers.

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