About time

About Time

We live in one of the best times of the world. We are able to access to the information instantly, talk with people who is living in the other side of the planet and work remotely. But we all overwhelmed and busy in our problems and sometimes we forgot about the real important stuffs and these are all about human relationships.

Some weeks ago, I watched the movie About Time, it highlights the necessity to enjoy every single moment (this is like a reminder for me). Although you can be living bad moments you should stop worrying about them and enjoy the small details (the surroundings, the people and the colors of the life) and make the difference. So, some of the activities you could do to live the present are:

  • Make exercise: I don’t need to talk to much about this and maybe I’m not the expert. But jogging or make any other sport can make you focus and start to see the small details and be healthy.
  • Be a connector: Join people that you know in one place and start to connect them (even from different backgrounds or worlds) to help each other in their professional or personal life and you could enjoy the power of networking and the presence of the people you care about.
  • Spend time enjoying the nature.
  • Travel alone sometime: Enjoying of a trip and spending sometime with yourself can makes you ponder what is really important.
  • Reading: In my case I put a challenge of reading at least one book a month so you could try it. GoodReads can help you with this.

What do you think about these activities? and the idea of pay attention to the small details that we usually lose during our daily routines. Let me know your opinion below or through @rmmonagas.